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You may be entitled to further compensation for any damages to your property or diminution in value of your property.

NOTE: If you have Japanese Knotweed it is recommended that you seek urgent Legal Advice prior to taking any other action. Even the smallest of growths can be dangerous and you may find that you are breaking the law if you deal with it incorrectly.


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How do I know if I’ve got Japanese Knotweed?

There are a few different noticeable factors which you can keep an eye out for when checking for Japanese Knotweed. Tje Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) recommend to keep an eye our for the following key signs:

– fleshy red tinged shoots when it first breaks through the ground

– large, heart or spade-shaped green leaves

– leaves arranged in a zig-zag pattern along the stem

– a hollow stem, like bamboo

– dense clumps that can be several metres deep

– clusters of cream flowers towards the end of July that attract bees

– dies back between September and November, leaving brown stems


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A photographer will take pictures of the problems

One of our photographers will come out to your home address at a time which suits you and take some photographs of the problems.

We will send a complaint to responsible party

We will send a formal Letter of Claim to your Housing Provider advising that we will be persuing a claim for repairs and compensation on your behalf.

We will instruct an independent surveyor

They will come out and assess the Knotweed on your property and provide a full report outlining the problems and repairs needed.

The Responsible Party will be billed for the costs

We will notify the Responsible Party of the full schedule of repairs and give them a period to fix these. We will also claim compensation for you.

Who can be held accountable?

National Rail

Japanese Knotweed is commonly found close to Railway Tracks. National Rail are responsible for the upkeep of this. If they fail to do so, they will be held accountable.


If the Japanese Knotweed is coming from somebody else’s property, they will be held responsible for the problem for failing to control the plant.


Surveyors can also be held accountable for the claim. If you bought a property and the surveyor failed to notice Knotweed on their report then they could be liable.

A guide to Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed is a plant with an incredibly strong root system. The strength of this rooting system is what causes a great danger to land, especially the foundations of properties.

It is an aggressive and disruptive plant which can spread very quickly and is extremely difficult to control. It is highly recommended that professionals are enlisted to not only dispose of the current Knotweed, but undertake the relevant measures to prevent the problem growing back and being in the same dire situation again. We use professional Japanese Knotweed disposal and prevention experts who guarantee their work.

Japanese Knotweed has the strength to break through concrete and this can have a hugely detrimental effect on the foundations of your property. A severe case of Japanese Knotweed could effectively cause your property to collapse if failed to be treated properly.

Not only is there a huge risk to the structural integrity of your property, Japanese Knotweed will adversely affect the price of your property. The value of your property can dramatically decrease due to the presence of Japanese Knotweed. You may also find it extremely difficult to sell your home or even get a Mortgage or other financing on your property.

When removing Japanese Knotweed, it needs to be specifically ensured that every last bit of the root has been removed and neutralised. The smallest remains of a Japanese Knotweed root can result in the problem to come back.

Japanese Knotweed is most visible in the Summer months as the plant remains dormant in the winter. There are laws in place relating to the management and disposal of the plant. This is why you must ensure that the problem is professionally dealt with.

If you have Japanese Knotweed it is recommended that you seek urgent Legal Advice prior to taking any other action. Even the smallest of growths can be dangerous and you may find that you are breaking the law if you deal with it incorrectly.

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